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A Chance to Visit Ben's Working Woodlands and his Cruck Framed Roundwood House

These are ticketed days designed to give you an insight into the way of life at Prickly Nut Wood. The day involves a tour of the woodlands led by Ben, which is a guided journey through the landscape he knows and tends. The different styles of management are explained along with an insight into the types of timber and non-timber products produced. The afternoon involves looking at the roundwood workshop, orchard and gardens, and culminates with a viewing of the woodland house.

You get to go on a woodland walk with Ben where he explains about his work and shows you the source of his woodland house and of course you get to go inside his stunning home. There are other benefits offered too all designed to make it an unforgettable experience.

Open Days

2015 Open Days:
April 4th - FULL
May 2nd

Cost £60 per person.

For further details or to book an Open Day please contact Emma Postill

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Framing course



Courses by Ben Law

N.B. Once booked on a course, cancellation will incur a fee of 25% of the full cost of the course. If cancellation is within two weeks of the start of a course, the full fee will be lost unless we can find a replacement in which case the 25% fee applies.

Sustainable Woodland Management
The Sustainability Centre, East Meon, Hampshire

This course covers the principles and practice of sustainable woodland management. It is taught partly at the Sustainability centre, and partly at Ben's Prickly Nut Wood.

2015 tbc
Cost Non Residential
Cost Residential

For further details of the above please contact the Sustainability Centre

Woodlands & Permaculture
Ben Law's Woodland, West Sussex

2015 dates tba
Cost £95.00

This course includes:
Woodland assessment
Adding value to woodland produce
Non-timber produce
Permaculture in relation to woodland
Planning and woodland
and whatever other enquires you may have.

Practical Coppicing
Ben Law's Woodland, West Sussex

24th January 2015
Cost £95.00

Practical coppicing- a day spent with Ben coppicing, snedding and sorting product. A great opportunity to get a feel for working coppice and the products that can be sourced from it as well as a good experience of the essence of winte

Roundwood Timber Framing
Ben Law's Woodland, West Sussex
Courses on the following dates:

16th - 19th April 2015 - FULL
11th - 14th June 2015
Cost £420.00

This course is based around the construction of a roundwood frame. During the course you will turn theory into practice.

Key areas covered:
1. Why to build with roundwood - the advantages and disadvantages
2. Species of tree suitable for roundwood timber framing
3. Jointing techniques and options
4. Tools needed for roundwood framing
5. Practical application of these ideas

I've Bought a Woodland, What do I do now?
Ben Law's Woodland, West Sussex

15th November 2014

Cost £95.00

A course to answer a question Ben is often asked. For those who have bought.  For those thinking of buying.  For those thinking of learning.  For those buying standing timber.  For those about to work a wood.  This course will include answers to planning in woodlands and will be tailored to participants needs.

Charcoal Burning & Production
Ben Law's Woodland, West Sussex

28th April
Cost £95.00

A practical day where we will experience charcoal burning at different stages in its process. We will lay out and load a kiln, light, free burn, bring under control and cover chimney alignment. Another kiln will be at the end of the burn cycle and we will experience shutting down. We will cover choices of wood, seasoning, packaging and marketing. Be prepared for a long day as burn times can be unpredictable!

For further details or to book onto a course please contact Emma Postill



Framing Course


Open Day House





This is an opportunity for individuals who are keen to develop a lifestyle around working and living with woodlands. Two candidates are chosen to begin each November. The length of time committed is flexible but a minimum of 4 months is suggested. Accomodation is basic but you will learn many woodland management and craft skills working directly with Ben Law.

If you would like to apply please send details of yourself in writing to:
Ben Law, Prickly Nut Wood, Snapelands Copse, Lodsworth, West Sussex GU28 9DR.

Applications close 31st July 2015

Woodsman's Lifestyle


Presentations By Ben Law

Ben gives illustrated talks on his work at Prickly Nut Wood. These can be either 35mm slide shows or Powerpoint presentations. For environmental reasons, he rarely agrees to talks outside of the South East of England.

For further details contact Ben Law


Corporate Events at Prickly Nut Wood

Prickly Nut Wood is a peaceful, educational environment in which small corporate groups have expanded their knowledge of environmental issues; from break away groups from large companies to small local council groups. Prickly Nut Wood can tailor a low impact education experience for most organisations. Itineries have included - guided walks, dawn chorus tea, hands on woodland work, expression through drawing, using home made charcoal, deepening awareness of nature and the environment.

For further details of Corporate Education please contact Ben Law

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